A Smarter Approach to Scheduling

91, Incorporated was founded in January, 1991 by Gill Robison to meet the construction industry scheduling needs he had observed through his own involvement as a Construction Manager. Schedules weren¹t being used effectively by all project personnel (field labor and management, project management, architects / engineers, owners, upper management) for several reasons that didn¹t make sense. Gill itemized the obstacles and talked with numerous coworkers, subcontractors, A/E professionals, and owners. He found the obstacles could be overcome with a smarter approach to scheduling.

The first premise of all that we do is that a schedule must be understandable to be used. Different people understand different things, so the "one size fits all" approach must be modified. Therefore, we provide numerous outputs (plots, reports) in numerous formats for a single project. All of this is driven by what each group reading the schedule needs for them to understand and use it.

Secondly, 91, Inc. only employs consultants who are former Project Managers or Field Operations managers. When someone reviews drawings or comes to your project, you deserve professional experience that has "been there before." Therefore, you will always have experienced construction professionals coming to your projects.

Finally, we strongly believe that the combination of our experience and abilities with your professionals and corporate culture can only succeed if we listen to you. As a result of this belief, we make a sincere effort to understand you, your corporate culture, and your project needs to then customize our services to best suit you. Every client is different with unique needs. We recognize this and tailor our products and services to be what you need, not what we or other clients need.

In addition, 91, Inc. is committed to offering the same level of customization for your training, education, and development so that you can more effectively control your project schedules. You will find that although we offer "standard" seminar / training courses, these courses will always be modified to meet the specific needs of our audience. We have scheduled hundreds of projects of all types both in the United States and overseas.

Thank you for your interest in 91, Inc.